Salon Complete - Where we Complete all your Salon and Spa needs!
Please contact one of our Salon Complete Team Members to schedule an appointment that fits you best. 
Sarah Lovendahl  801-598-7150
Amber Shalz          801-750-7590
Jeanette Sutherland  801-577-6897
Lori Day    801-824-0745
Camille Vesser  801-971-0995
Julie Self   801-577-3296
Allysha Kennedy   801-455-6520
Katy Schiffman   801-231-8491
Teasha Mullaly   801-577-4037

Laurel Cannon  801-953-4831

Hollie Feveryear 801-718-2974

Marissa Moline 801-971-0546

Cheyanne Riley 801-979-5557
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